Adding some thoughts on the value of VMware certifications

This morning I posted about how I feel about the VCDX price increase. TL, DR: I can understand the reasons behind this, but VMware has to deliver value for the money.

Having said that, there is a bigger issue in the room in my opinion.

Essentially this tweet from Jason Nash triggered this post:

For what it is worth, I think that with VMware, the partner tier says not much about the technical skills and qualification.

As you can read here, the requirements for the highest level, Premier Partner, is essentially revenue driven. Sure, you need four VCPs but when you are big enough for a million of sales within 12 months, sending out four people on an ICM course is peanuts.

Do not get me wrong, the VCP has is place but from the higher partner level I would expect more to verify the expertise. VCP is a multiple choice exam, VCAP deployment is hand-on (you cannot braindump that) and design requires you to draw and place something (again, no braindumps here).

So why would or should a partner spend any money to certify his employees toward the “VMware Certified Advanced Professional”-level or even above?

The answer is: I do not know and I cannot see a business case for this at the moment.

Back on twitter Joe Silvagi  from VMware pointed out that there are business benefits for a partner:


Nevertheless, here I try to see it from a potential customer point of view.

You cannot pick an enterprise/premier partner and know that they have at least a number of n VCIX or even a VCDX in a certain field (solution competency) to guarantee a certain amount of knowledge.

This would really count for something BUT…

… VMware needs to promote their advanced certifications so these get the attention and value they deserve.

I had to explain to many people what my VCAP or VCIX actually means, customers and coworkers alike, and even what the next level with VCDX would be. For a VCDX attendee this is the worst case, you put effort into your certification in order to get benefits (from a pay increase to a new job) but if no one knows what this title is, you have a problem because this lowers your ROI

Compare this to Cisco, if you say “CCIE” everyone has an idea what you are talking about and goes like “ahhh” and “ohhh”.

This might be different in the US, but this is my unfortunate experience here in Germany.




Hello world! Or: Do we need another IT blog?

This is my first post and as the topic suggests it is just another blog about IT stuff like so many already available.

So, why would I even bother?

Recently I switched from read-only to read-write on reddit and became active in /r/vmware.
I created a post about my exam experience for VCAP6-DCV design like so many before (if someone is contemplating if he or she shoud post his/her experience as well: please do it!).

Since I failed on the first try, I was quite worked up about this and wanted to share my feelings (to put it mildly).
Other users got into the discussion, shared their experience and some even offered their help to me.
This was great and I took the offer for help and passed a week later on the second try.
Where does this blog come in?
Well, I would like to give back to the community by adding some posts about IT topics and perhaps someone out there might find it helpful.
Otherwise I will be doing this for myself and for the fun of it.