Hello world! Or: Do we need another IT blog?

This is my first post and as the topic suggests it is just another blog about IT stuff like so many already available.

So, why would I even bother?

Recently I switched from read-only to read-write on reddit and became active in /r/vmware.
I created a post about my exam experience for VCAP6-DCV design like so many before (if someone is contemplating if he or she shoud post his/her experience as well: please do it!).

Since I failed on the first try, I was quite worked up about this and wanted to share my feelings (to put it mildly).
Other users got into the discussion, shared their experience and some even offered their help to me.
This was great and I took the offer for help and passed a week later on the second try.
Where does this blog come in?
Well, I would like to give back to the community by adding some posts about IT topics and perhaps someone out there might find it helpful.
Otherwise I will be doing this for myself and for the fun of it.