My two cents on the VCDX price increase

Last week I completed my VCIX-DCV and started contemplating if I should take the long way towards the VCDX.

Currently doing I am doing preliminary outline of a project in order to give it the Paul McSharry basis assessment. After that, it is finding a VCDX-mentor who is willing to give my project a quick review and discourage or encourage me 🙂

This morning there is a lot of buzz around the vCommunity about the Certification Exam Price increase. Going from about 1000$ to 3000$ for defense seems a bit too much for many.

Personally, I was always amazed how “inexpensive” the VCDX program was.

With this certification, you aim to be one of around 250 persons in the world who hold the VMware top tier certification.

Think of it economically:

If you personally pay for it, what would be the gain of this certification?

Think of it like a student loan. You will probably get more salary or can apply for a new job at architect level. I am going out on a limb here, but in these job regions paying the sum of 3000$ is not totally off the limits (not easily done, but you should get it back over a few months).

If your company pays for this:

Your employer is probably using you and your certification to get new projects or customers. From there on this is a simple investment calculation. Split 3000$ on two or three projects and it is payed off.

Another important point in my opinion:

We are also finding ways to recognize our VCDX panelists who commit a tremendous amount of their own time and resources to support the program.

I was always wondering how many applications the panelists have to read and evaluate.

This is a manual process unlike the VCAP exams where there is one setup and a script will do the evaluation. And don’t forget this is done by highly qualified VCDX architects who have most likely other things to do 🙂

So where does it leave me?
I am still going forward with my outline, make or break won’t be the exam price for me.




Hello world! Or: Do we need another IT blog?

This is my first post and as the topic suggests it is just another blog about IT stuff like so many already available.

So, why would I even bother?

Recently I switched from read-only to read-write on reddit and became active in /r/vmware.
I created a post about my exam experience for VCAP6-DCV design like so many before (if someone is contemplating if he or she shoud post his/her experience as well: please do it!).

Since I failed on the first try, I was quite worked up about this and wanted to share my feelings (to put it mildly).
Other users got into the discussion, shared their experience and some even offered their help to me.
This was great and I took the offer for help and passed a week later on the second try.
Where does this blog come in?
Well, I would like to give back to the community by adding some posts about IT topics and perhaps someone out there might find it helpful.
Otherwise I will be doing this for myself and for the fun of it.