Fun with vSAN, Fujitsu and (LSI) Broadcom SAS3008

Update 2015-08-07:

Found a newer version of the file with the name P15  containing version 16.00.00 (right…) of the sas3flash utility here

This one works fine:



Today was “one of those days”:

A simple vSAN installation turned into a nightmare of reboots, downloads, google searches and so on.

The problem at hand was a cluster of Fujitsu RX2540M2 vSAN nodes with CP 400i controllers (based on LSI/Broadcom SAS3008 chipset) and vSAN 6.5U1.

For vSAN 6.5 U1 the HCL requires the controller  firmware version 13.00.00, but Fujitsu delivered it with version 11.00.00.

Easy enough, the plan looked like this:

  1. Download the sas3flash tool for VMware from Broadcom here
  2. Copy the vip and install it via esxcli
  3. Download and extract the firmware (with 7zip you can open the .ima file) from Fujitsu here
  4. Flash the Controller online with /opt/lsi/bin/sas3flash

Unfortunately , the controller did not show up with sas3flash and I was not able to find the controller with the tool, not matter what I did.

Then the fun began, I tried:

  • Online patching via lifecycle management: Did not find any updates
  • The Fujitsu ServerView Update DVD: Wouldn’t find any CP400i or any required update
  • The USB stick from Fujitsu with the firmware (see link above): Wasn’t able to find the controller when booting into DOS mode
  • Get into the UEFI shell: Isn’t that easy with Fujitsu anymore:  read here

In the end, I gave up:

I pulled the controllers from the server, fitted them into a UEFI capable workstation and flash them with the Fujitsu USB stick from the UEFI shell. Worked like a charm and took my like 5 minutes. If your USB stick is mounted on fs0, the command is like this:

sas3flash -f fs0:lx4hbad0.fw -b b83100.rom -b e150000.rom

or you could simply use the force.nsh script 🙂

After a refitting the controllers in the server and rebooting, sas3flash on esxi still reports no controllers.

I am at a total loss why this happens. A few weeks ago this worked totally fine with a similar setup at another customers.

I am curious to know why this didn’t work and how to fix it.

Any updates will be posted here.