5 minute read

This is a multi-part series about the automation of VMware vSphere template builds. A template is a pre-installed virtual machine that acts as master image for cloning virtual machines from it. In this series I am describing how to get started on automating the process. As I am writing these blog post while working on the implementation some aspects may seem “rough around the edges".

A happy 2020

A brief status update


1 minute read

A happy new year to all of you! In the recent days I migrated a good deal of blog posts from the old Wordpress installation over. Thankfully there is already a solution available on github which is not without flaw but handles the bulk of the work. Judging by access numbers the favorites in no particular order are:

A fresh appearance for the new decade ... and a review of 2019

Moving my blog to Hugo and looking back at 2019


7 minute read

The Christmas holidays provided me a bit of time for some good old tinkering: a Python script here, a blog post there and now some Hugo. The project got a bit out of hand as I stumbled into a full CI/CD pipeline with GitLab Actions – but that is probably worth another post. I hope you like the looks – even though the appearance may change a bit over time as I adjust the theme to my needs. The old content wll be migrated as soon as possible and until then the old wordpress installation can be…