VCSA 6.5 U1: vAPI status “yellow” and content library not started (possible fix)

As this is an error that affected me now at multiple customer installations, it is time for a blog ūüôā

After upgrading a site to 6.5 U1 I noticed several issues:

  • The vAPI Endpoint status changed to “yellow”
  • The Content Library service would not start

The only resolve I found within the VMware KB was “restart the services.

As I didn’t help, I searched along and found VMware KB¬†2151085¬†with the cause of the error


The file is deployed with the noreplace option. With this option, the will no longer be overwritten, instead it is saved with the extension .rpmnew.
and a nice hint
This is a known issue seen with several upgrade paths to vSphere 6.5 Update 1. Not all upgrade paths are affected, VMware is investigating affected paths this article will be updated once confirmed.
I hope this helps someone else as the KB entry isn’t obvious.