Something else: Choosing Uberspace for my blog

Disclaimer: Uberspace did not ask me for this post and they do not give me any perks for this. However, I am happy to use their services and they have this exceptional price model so I would like to tell you about it.

I had the idea to start this blog but not really an idea where I would put my stuff.

Sure, there are dozens if not hundreds of hosting services out there offering a domain and some sort of platform, from a root server/VPS to a fully managed weblog/CMS.

After looking at the big hosting providers like 1and1, Strato, HostEurope and even AWS (just to name a few) I was still not convinced. A root server/VPS offers lots of flexibility and tools like Plesk take a bit of the hassle away but that comes with a certain price tag unless you commit yourself for years. All the fully managed stuff made me cringe, since I wanted still “hand on stuff” and at least some flexibility (i.e. not only a blog).

I searched further and stumbled upon Uberspace.

One thing that makes them exceptional is their price model, it is “pay what you want” – starting with one Euro (yes, a single Euro) and no limits imposed. One free test month included and no contract for years.

Now they cannot survive when everybody pays just one euro and ask for at least five euros to cover their costs. Again, they ask – not demand and they make no difference in their offering regardless if you are paying 1 or 100 Euro.

Beside the pay model they offer you everything the modern geeks asks for, starting with IPv6, a real shell (yep, SSH included) and (web)mail but also every major open source project (MariaDB, Postgres, Apache, Ruby, Perl incl. CPAN, svn, …) and some stuff I haven’t heard of. The only real limit I have found so far is 10GB space per user.

Support is supposed to be top notch but I did not have the need to contact them – thanks to the very good wiki. With the basics and some more already covered I was able to set my stuff up pretty quick. All the stuff is CLI only, but for things like ssl certs they have a very good manual and scripts, so basically you need to adjust the names and “copy and paste”.

You might want to know how much I pay?

Right now I am in the free test month but I plan to stay and will pay the 5 Euro per month. If, one day, the traffic increases significantly I will increase the pay but right now I am the very beginning and pay for this solely on my own (yeah, no ads).

Alas, there is one downside for those of you outside Germany:

You may setup your stuff there, but they have a clear target segment and that is the German speaking market.  In a very German way they want to “do it right” if they do this kind of thing. According to the website the main reason for this is to keep up their level of support, however legal stuff that comes with international hosting became another matter.